Industrial cleaning

Cleaning or pre-treatment of the final product

Efficient cleaning without
any damage

We have a high-grade cleaning system from Pero AG. This system is used for cleaning and degreasing parts that require further processing or to thoroughly clean the finished product. In addition, this cleaning technique enables even narrow ducts and blind gaps to be cleaned up to a maximum of 3 milligrams of dirt/m². By using cleaning racks adapted to the product, the parts do not come into contact with each other and are not damaged by the cleaning method. Alongside this method of customised cleaning, Tieltjes also has the ability to clean in bulk.

Constantly pushing the boundaries and anticipating new developments

With the purchase of a solution for industrial cleaning, we have been able to meet the strictest standards concerning component cleaning. As such, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to serve our customers even better. For example, with our ability to code even the smallest of products. In combination with our strict quality control and documentation system, this enables us to issue all relevant production data years after the product has been delivered.

The quality of our products is one of our most important defining values. Tieltjes has time and again proven itself as a partner that brings added value. This is already evident in their ‘clean factory’ which resembles an operating theatre, and in the ability to thoroughly clean products between each process./p>

A satisfied customer