The question

We get exceptional production quality and make great use of the ultra modern measurement systems we have

We are looking for a reliable sourcing partner. What guarantees can you offer us?

At Tieltjes we understand better than anyone what requirements are placed on a product today. As an OEM you must meet requirements in the field of durability, safety and ensure good information about the use of your product. Products must be available at the right time and in the right numbers without this leading to excess stocks. Requirements are also set for the availability of spare parts during the maintenance phase. In addition, customers and the regulator set requirements for the conformity of your product and you must be able to demonstrate this through extensive and accurate documentation.

In every phase of the product life cycle, Tieltjes acts as a partner you can rely on and rely on. We think along with you in the design phase of your product and, if desired, help you with the choice of materials, the design of parts and we can determine the optimal batch size together with you. If necessary, we make a prototype so that adjustments can be made for upscaling. During the production phase, we ensure that you have the right parts available that are of a consistently high quality. If our optimal batch size does not fit in well with your production process, we can also keep stock for you, so that you always have the right parts in the right place and at the right time.

Our production process takes place on the basis of a structured method that guarantees continuity and predictability. Important parameters for the production of your precision
parts are monitored and recorded in our documentation system. Think for example
information about the origin of the materials, the conditions in the production area, the employees who worked on your delivery and all the results of the measurements taken during production.

We not only have an excellently equipped measuring room, but all work processes are like this
organized so that you can be sure that measurements have been taken accurately with
measuring tools that are calibrated according to requirements. Thanks to our working method, we can also
long after you have finished the production of your product, ensure the delivery of small series. Our quality certificates are not only proof of conformity but also of
our commitment. We would like to invite you to our company so that you can see it with your own eyes.

Our vision is that long-term relationships lead to mutual benefit

In order to bind our customers to us for the long term, our production process is aimed at the highest quality of products and service during the entire product life cycle, from design to aftercare.

  • Knowledge of materials and techniques
  • Thinking along, industry knowledge
  • Measure, register and document
  • Just in time delivery
  • Solid partner for more than 50 years