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Turning and milling is in our DNA

Constantly pushing boundaries, ever greater accuracy and increasingly lower levels of safety risk tolerances are what motivate us. Precision turning and milling, along with honouring our commitments, are in our DNA.
The parts we manufacture form part of the products or machines our customers manufacture. Our parts are used in the aerospace industry, the automotive sector, the medical sector or, for example, in the interior design of cruise yachts. The quality of our customers’ products depends on the quality of our work. Good cooperation with our customers is therefore just as important as good cooperation within our own organisation.

We stand out from the rest due to our focus on parts of exceptionally high quality and precision. Customers come to us with designs that place extremely high demands on the manufacturing process. It is a constant challenge for us to meet these demands and to push our boundaries. But most importantly, this also requires a special commitment, passion and discipline to manufacture parts that meet the highest quality standards each and every day.

We deliver consistently high-quality products that our customers can depend on. Tieltjes is appreciated for doing this. We are a household name at so many well-known OEM manufacturers, and we are quite proud of that!

Tieltjes likes to give young people a chance

Have you got two right hands and a passion for technology? Do you have a practical technical education, and would you like to be part of a team with the best engineers in the industry? Then contact us for an introductory meeting or ask about our internship opportunities