Carefree sourcing

For our customers, consistently high quality, delivery reliability and a proper provision of information are of utmost importance. This is why we value the trust customers place in us. Our business operations are aimed at taking the burden off our customers’ shoulders.


Quality forms an integral part of Tieltjes’ business operations. That all starts at the factory. When visiting, you will notice how light and clean the factory premises are. In the factory, which is spacious, a modern and high-grade machinery pool has been installed. Our engineers are well-trained professionals who have a passion for the products they make. We primarily select people who share our love for turning and milling parts of exceptionally high precision and quality. In order to ensure consistent quality, a great deal of care has been taken with regard to the work processes. Quality control is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Any areas of attention or opportunities for improvement are responded to quickly: we are always focused on improving ourselves. This is how we make sure that every part that leaves our factory meets the customer’s specifications. Tieltjes has an ISO 9001 certificate and our parts have been finding their way into various applications for years, even in the aerospace industry.
And we are quite proud of that.


The parts we manufacture are frequently used in commercially critical products. Our customers also often have to deal with certification or other regulations that set standards for the consistent quality of the products. On the one hand, Tieltjes is able to manufacture parts that must meet high standards; for example, in terms of dimension or finishing touches. On the other hand, our processes are organised in such a way that we are able to guarantee the conformity aspect of the parts.


Tieltjes specialises in series production. Most of our customers are OEM manufacturers with a wide range of products. Each product has its own life cycle of several years. Often more than 10 years, if after-sales and delivery of spare parts are taken into account after the manufacture has been discontinued. This gives the sourcing aspect a strategic character.
Tieltjes is a family business that has been around for more than 50 years, during which time it has developed into a trustworthy player with a great deal of experience across a broad spectrum of industries. Our focus is on building long-term relationships wherein we support our clients during the course of the entire life cycle.


Co-creation is understood to mean ‘the development of products in collaboration with customers.’ Tieltjes specialises in the manufacture of parts for customers’ products. Occasionally customers submit their specifications to us which we use as a basis to configure the manufacturing process. Increasingly more often, customers are requesting our involvement right from the design phase. We then help our customers to design parts that meet their specifications and can be manufactured in an efficient manner. Are you developing a new product, and would you benefit from our know-how and experience in precision machining? Please feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting.

Just in time deliveries

Keeping inventory in stock costs money, and so do production stoppages. This requires making the right choice of series sizes and matching deliveries to your needs. That is a calculation that we are happy to help you with. Tieltjes offers extensive logistical support which we use to make the solution to your sourcing problem as straightforward as possible.

Documentation & tracebility

Do you still need to answer questions or provide manufacturing details years after your product has been delivered? That’s not a problem for Tieltjes. During production, all important aspects of the manufacturing process are registered. Each product is provided with a unique code which means it can be traced. Key manufacturing details such as the types of input material used, the condition of the machinery, the processing conditions, the executive engineer and the measurement results are registered. This data is stored for 10 years, so that you can always refer back to it.

We maintain consistent quality and push the boundaries together with our ambitious team

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