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We get exceptional production quality and make great use of the ultra modern measurement systems we have

Can you support us in the right choice of materials?

What makes a product successful? These are often several aspects. One of the critical success factors is quality; does the product meet the needs / expectations. In the ideal situation, the desired quality and realized quality are the same. But in practice this is often not the case and the quality slip is created. Depending on the need that is not met, the quality slip can relate to several product aspects. For example, the use, or the lifespan, or the appearance may not be optimal. In a number of cases this can be traced back to the choice of material. For example, the conditions of use can have an effect on the life of the material or there may be wishes with regard to shape or color that influence the choice of material.

It is often a challenge to choose material that is an optimal mix of the user requirements, the purchasing and processing costs of the material and nowadays also the requirements set in the disposal phase with regard to recycling or reuse. The requirements set are an important starting point for our work. Based on this, we can advise you on the material that best meets the requirements. Although prototyping is a costly process, in a number of cases it can help to identify any imperfections in material selection before production is scaled up.