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Precision parts for industry

Since 1969, Tieltjes Precision Parts has been supplying precision turning and milling parts to a wide range of industries. Our products are used worldwide in modern machine and equipment construction, the manufacturing industry, the medical sector and the food industry.

For 50 years now, our customers have kept coming back to us with their requests for series manufactured precision parts. You have also come to the right place for complex parts. Even if these have to be fabricated in less conventional materials.

The vision of Tieltjes can be summed up by the words ‘pushing boundaries’. We do this by constantly investing in innovation and by not dodging any serious challenges. Would you also like to benefit from the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years? Then together with you we will design the optimal product.

Our capabilities

  • CNC turning, prototyping and series work
    longitudinal turning | precision turning
    product range from ø 0,5mm to ø 250mm
  • CNC milling, prototyping and series work
    simultaneous 5-axis milling product range from square 5mm to 300mm
  • All common materials
    including hastelloy, monel, titanium, inconell, orvar, sandvik, invar, nickel
  • Laser drilling | laser engraving | bending | assembly | electrolytic polishing
  • Laser measurements | scan measurements | 3D measurements | product traceability statistics
  • Product cleaning | cleanroom packaging
    max. residual dirt of 2 mg per m² of product

Kwaliteit in precisie

Wherever quality and conformity are required, then you have a trusted partner in Tieltjes. When visiting our factory in Ulft, you will immediately notice the light polycarbonate floor and the clean climate-controlled working conditions. We achieve a quality level higher than 99.5% in our ‘clean factory’ and thanks to our process management, we achieve a delivery reliability of more than 95%.

Well-trained and committed team

Modern machinery pool

Controlled production