Product life cycle management

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We will be happy to assist you with our knowledge and experience during the introduction stage of your product. We can advise you on the use of materials, processing methods and the design of the part. We will work together with you to find the solution that meets your specifications and that contributes to the quality of your product.


As sales of your product continue to grow, we will help you to scale up your production. Together with you, we will explore any opportunities to make product improvements and increase production numbers so that you always receive the required parts ‘just in time’.


During the maturity stage, the focus shifts to further optimisations, both in terms of the product and logistics. We work in close cooperation with you on product and process optimisation.


We respond flexibly to your requests in the final stage of the product life cycle and also support you where service and aftercare is concerned. We store all relevant production data for you for up to 10 years after the manufacturing date so that the conformity status of deliveries can be verified.